Tools for knowledge

The Finance School has developed essential tools that finance professionals and traders need to make informed decisions.


The Finance School has created advanced e-learning tools on a variety of subjects that makes learning fun and interactive. Learning does not have to be boring. The Finance School has created advanced e-learning modules on different subjects. These courses are interactive, and allow students to progress at their own pace and test their own skills.

Charting Tools

Use our charts to analyze indices, stocks, and ETFs on a colorful, interactive chart. Analyze the charts using the most commonly used technical indicators. Mark up each chart with horizontal support and resistance lines, trend lines and the most commonly used technical studies. Save them for future use.


We believe in frequent quizzing so that students can test their knowledge before proceeding to the next concept.

Trading Games

There is no better way to practice your trading skills than to actually trade without the risk of losing real money. The Finance School’s trading game is designed for just that. Participants are assigned a fixed capital each at the start of the game. They are allowed to place all kinds of trades based on end-of-day quotes. A fixed period is assigned to the game. The best trader wins.

Fundamental Analysis

Analyze the fundamental performance of any company or simply look at its ‘Fundamental Score’. With our Fundamental Analysis tool, you can check out the fundamental performance of any company for the past 10 years. You can analyze its income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement, look at several key ratios and evaluate some of its most important trends. To make your job even easier, The Finance School does your analysis for you and has created a proprietary ‘Fundamental Score’. We assign a ranking to each stock on a scale of 1 to 10 based on fundamentals.

Brief overview of tools

In the following video you can see all the tools that are available for you to choose. We are constantly developing new tools and content.

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